Gone be the Resistance

June 29, 2013
By Lia-Ann SILVER, Jesup, Iowa
Lia-Ann SILVER, Jesup, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
An end in terror is preferable to terror without end - Sophie Scholl

Yesterday, a wonderful day, was ruined.

Yes. Ruined.

All because of a foolish leader.

His name is Hitler.

And he said some simple words that ruined the life of the entire Jewish population.

“Gone be the resistance

that has caused us so much harm”

“Gone be the resistance

that has killed so many of our own”

“The traitors have been caught

they have been killed and we are joyous

simply because

Gone Be the Resistance”

They say they have only caused harm to those who harmed others.

They say they have never killed anyone in anything other than self-defense.


We have been caught.

We have been killed.

The entire German population dances on our graves in joy.

Gone Be the Resistance.
Welcome Back to the Tyranny.

The author's comments:
Imagine being a Jew in 20th century Germany, or an African-American slave in the American 1800s. This is what this poem is about; the discrimination that a scapegoat has to deal with.

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