Eyes Don't Lie

June 17, 2013
You smile at me, but it's just a guise
I can read the truth plainly in your eyes
You are hurting inside and you want somebody to notice
Someone to care
But you push away the pain like it's not even there
Because you see that no one ever does and no one ever will
They just lock the windows of their hearts and watch safely from the sill
Out of harm's way, no risk involved
All you've ever asked for was just to be loved
But no one ever gave you the chance
They all had much bigger plans
Involving someone better
So they played your heart
Adding a few more scars
And leaving it more broken than ever
How could they throw you away so carelessly?
How can someone say they care and then just leave?
I know where you're at and I know where you've been
And I promise you won't ever have to go back there again
Because the ones like us deserve so much better
We deserve more than empty promises of forever
More than to settle, for fear of being alone
We deserve a love that's carved into stone
Silently these words are spoken
By a longing heart
Promises that should never be broken
And yet somehow they always are
And though I know you think it's a lie
Not everyone has something to hide
If you want to see the truth just look in his eyes
They will betray the secrets of his soul
That his heart isn't really whole
It's broken in pieces
Just like yours is
A secret that he'd never tell
Just like you' he's been through hell
He's suffered and cried
Given up everything, all for an other's lies
Yet there is no hate deep inside
Nor lurking in the corners of his mind
Just pain and sorrow
And prayers for tomorrow
That he could one day give and receive
The kind of love that only exists in his dreams.

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