Alone in a sea of white

June 17, 2013
I am a nettle in acres of peaceful flowers,
I am a black pebble in a sea of white marble,
I am a drop of water in a roaring fire,
I am the hard seed of a cherry.

Their judgmental looks aren’t discrete,
Their stereotypical jabs aren’t kept quiet,
Their fears aren’t unspoken,
Their penetrating stares aren’t colour blinded.

Underneath my eye lids suppressed tears lie,
Underneath my solemn gaze I am wishing,
Underneath my dark skin my pulse is pumping,
Underneath my dark coat, my red blood rushes like theirs.

I am prickling the flower’s stem,
I am tumbling down the icy white marble,
I am evaporating from the intense heat of gnawing flames,
I am the seed spit out on to the infertile ground.

They move.
They mutter.
They avoid.
They cringe.

The rhythm of nature shall never falter,
The cat will always fear the dog, the dog will always hunt the cat,
The gap between heaven and hell shall forever reside,
The colours black and white shall never blend.

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