July 1, 2013
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I was never much good at algebra
Or analysing certain equations
But I tried to study, as hard as I could
And never found a fulfilled sensation

My heart doesn't jump when I see
The value of x on the screen
But it starts to pound when I feel
I can relate to something, to lean

What I look for in life is beauty
One that aesthetics wouldn't hold
For what I yearn for is truth
Not beauty that will mould

You can find it within nature
And the laburnum scent that's drifting
You will feel it's breath creeping
Around your body - uplifting

You can find it when in a building
50 storeys high
Up on a roof, you can watch
As the little people go by

When doing this you can feel
A sense of enjoyment so real
No more pretending is necessary
It's just you there, now peel.

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