Oh Duke

July 1, 2013
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I will have you, oh scorned alliance, king of kings!
Pregnant with lust, you are indeed fellow!
Not long, my fellow, before your beloved head falls
And alongside your mother, shall you rest

Peace be with you, if you understand I am dying
Understand this: should I be feeling, normality hurt?
For now, I fear the end is near and those who approach will fall
Bedlam perhaps? The gods and goodness gracious agree?

Sent thee away, your face sickens me
Oh joy, oh hope, fond of you i was, jovial shouts were heard
Body is rusting, metal like corpse, are you worthy, king of kings?
To wear such rich items that i fear it shall bring about your demise

Ingenious bastard of twelve, understand your father?
The love he bore your mother, was traitorous to God
Was indeed a mistake you were born, Duke
You are no king and you are not your fathers son.

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