Something More

July 1, 2013
I'm trying to be something more.
I'm trying my best to become someone great.
Someone full of gratitude and not full of hate
Someone successful, charismatic, people want to relate
To develop, I need a sturdy foundation.
Creative ideas as well as motivation.
Ideally I need someone great to follow
Keep a whole heart, always caring, never hollow
Overcoming my natural ingrained fallacies
Be respectful, even run through the formalities.
In touch with realities, yet altruistic.
Orderly, in tact, with rhythm, living music.
I want to be the best but I'm not keeping score.
I'm trying to be something more.

I'm trying to be something more.
I'm trying my hardest to become someone to highly regard.
When the going gets tough, to keep trying hard.
When I've gone the mile, skillfully passing each yard.
Always strong.
Never weak.
The days grow long,
And spirits bleak.
I promise to raise those around me to their very peak.
Being bold, but humble. Strong, but meek.
Stay down to earth, but pray to the man above.
Make them earn respect, but freely give love.
I'm not trying to out do those who've gone before; 
I'm trying to be something more.

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