Who I was SUPPOSED to be...

July 1, 2013
When you got the news
picked out the little pink shoes
was i what you pictured?
when you were tying my hair in a bow
and getting me ready for the show
was i what you pictured?
I'm not perfect... not even close
you except me because you're are forced to!
I am not what you wanted, not what you dreamed
I am better... I AM ME!
You wanted a beauty queen with long blond hair
who would dance ballet
My blond hair has seen too much die.
My feet know the beating of the path not traveled by
you wanted a prom queen
but i won the science fair
you wanted Perfection, I wouldn't dare
What you can't see is I am more than what I was supposed to be......
...... because I AM ME!!
I beautiful, in a way you can't see.
I am strong, in a way that is weak!
I'm begging you! let me be ME!!
Not what I was supposed to be!

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