The Fallen

June 18, 2013
There was once a time,
When all of the angels got along,
But then there was an uproar,
Then came the choice,
Next the fall,
And then came the fallen…
Where I once stood is now where many are missing.
I remember thunder,
I remember the ground shaking…breaking,
I remember the fire,
I remember the choice,
I remember the fall.
My journey was chosen.
After the fall I decided to go.
I chose to fall,
Fall down to earth,
To help lead and guide the rest,
The ones that came to learn,
The ones still deciding.
In silence I fight,
At night I come alive,
At day I hide,
I hide and fight at night,
I fight in silence, in secret.
The night’s my hour,
The moons my guidance,
The darkness is my protection,
The silence is my salvation,
The wind is my leader,
The trees and creeks are my company,
I hunt alone,
I hunt at night,
I hunt in silence.
I’m protected,
I’m guided,
I’m guarded,
I save,
Never kill,
I lead,
I guide,
Everyone knows me,
No one knows me.
I’m here because I chose to,
I’m here on a journey,
I’m here to lead and guide,
I’m here to help and protect,
I’m Leo, angel with the power to thwart demons,
…I’m here to fight.

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