Through the Eyes of a Teenager

June 10, 2013
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When I was a child
I saw in black and white
I was a part and in guise
With a veneer of innocence
Everything was oblivious
Either wrong or right
Perfect and precise
Pure and grateful clarity
Gave me a simple life

But then sooner or later I had to grow up
Everything I took for granted
Was more or less puzzled

Now everything is not what it seemed
And by now I should of realised what i had to do
But in the back beat the fire in my heart was blinding and my hope was left dangling
With the taunting decisions leaving me under prepared and over worked

Black and white turned to grey
The focus left my eyes
Leaving my unfaltering vision in the veil of pretend and my eyes ease open but it's dark again

Where choices were once obvious
Now I can't tell wrong from right
Cause today I'm a teenager
And nothing's quite clear
Now I see the world through the eyes of an adult
A child's biggest fear

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