They Didn't Know

June 26, 2013
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They didn't know I was lonely every day at recess,
They didn't bother to pay attention to the girl with braces,
They didn't know that their words hurt me,
That I was fat, ugly, and looked swept off the street,
They didn't know I ate more than my share at lunch and at home,
That I tried to fill the void of being alone,
They didn't know I went home to arguments and abuse,
That I use to sneak in alcohol and disguise it as juice,
They didn't know that under my dresses were bruises and scars,
That they were from extension cords and crowbars,
They didn't know that while I was asleep one night,
I had awaken with hands under my shirt without a chance to fight,
They didn't know that I tried to fit in as best as I could,
While trying to boost my confidence and uplift my mood,
They didn't know that the days I weren't at school,
I was in the hospital hanging on to my life and throwing up my food,
They didn't know I was 13 weighing 89,
They didn't bother to care and kept me out of mind,
They didn't know that once I turned 16, my life would clear up and take a better turn,
That I would grow and heal all the cuts and burns,
The didn't know that I was a huge scar,
To one day heal and transform into a star.

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