Checklist for Enlightenment

June 26, 2013
funny how
Once upon a time
i can't remember what
A little girl met a little boy
your hand feels like
They touched minds and called
in mine
It love

What's the point of
you're a very long ways
Trying? asked the
away from me now
Little girl

i opened my ribcage
We have a Checklist for
and spilled out all
Enlightenment that hasn't
my musty vanilla words
Been fulfilled
onto your lap
And I love you
you're too tired to miss me
He said

Unrecorded love stories
i couldn't recognize
Are heads-side-up pennies
the scars on your knuckles
But a little girl
if i saw them alone
Misses a little boy
and we are stupid teenagers
More than she should
let's run away

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