June 25, 2013
By jennyspi SILVER, PLACENTIA, California
jennyspi SILVER, PLACENTIA, California
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Favorite Quote:
"My fondest memories have no place in the past. No, my best memories lie in my future" - Ellen Hopkins (may be a bit paraphrased)

Walking along my narrow road
Only room enough for one
The path used to be more
You used to be here to share my load
Whether it be a feather or a ton
And I there to help carry yours

But you chose a left
While I went right
When we came to a fork in the path;
Now every step I take forward
Is a step further from you

Now, no need to worry about
You or anyone else
Just me, alone
On this road

So much simpler,
To walk alone
No need to fret
Or pretend

But likewise,
No one to help
When I’m in need
And also,
Much more lonely

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