The End

June 25, 2013
Never shall I forget that night,
That first night at camp
But it does not matter now
For I have survived the death camps
And the death march
I have survived the holocaust.

For I see now from my
Shady seat looking out the factory door
I see a metal monster
Clunking, rattling, bumping down the road.

But fear does not flood my heart
For I see no cross of black and white the only colors I see are
Red and white
I do not see blue.

I wonder if it is the Americans or the Canadians
If only I saw a star, a leaf, or maybe some blue
Although fear does not fill my heart,
Love does,
Love floods me like warm cocoa
For the young man who has come to liberate me
From my eternal terrors.

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GreekGoddess said...
Jun. 25, 2013 at 7:24 pm
Instersting, I love how you leave it to the reader to decide who is coming. The first line made me think it was about the person's first night at camp, which had me a little off track at the begining. The line "Love floods me like warm cocoa" seems a little bit weird to me, but I wouldn't nessicarliy change it. Very well written, you captured the person's feelings and perspective just right. Great job!
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