Dont Forget To Remember Me

June 24, 2013
I know you moved on and you're far pasted us
Doing things that no longer involve me
But still I'm asking you if you would keep me in you memory
We started of as best friends and now were enemies
But I'm begging you, to remember the good times
The time before crimes
Were committed
Remember the reason we did it
Please let the love we shared be a thought to reminisce
And don’t forget the touch of my soft kiss
Don’t let the thought of us fade
Don’t let our memories decay
Don’t let your old love for me be something you betrayed
I'm not saying you can't move on
Just don’t go too far way , until you're far gone
Don’t forget the lyrics to our song
Don’t forget how you used to mean every word
Don’t forget the good times, let them be preserved
When you left I died
So bring me alive
And let me live forever in your memories
Boy you can't forget about it
It was getting to me so I had to get a pen and right about it
Let me be in your daydreams
When you go back it time , don’t forget to visit me
Cause I'll always be here , when you decide to remember me

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