Love Songs

June 24, 2013
By 7_Ambitions GOLD, Bronx, New York
7_Ambitions GOLD, Bronx, New York
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1 plus one equals twos
remember that equations
were such a sure thing remember that
so what's 2-1 , the answers one
but it seems more like zero
and this sure thing seems unsure now
said you would take me on a power trip
but guess this is a failed mission
we belong together
together through whatever
so now were so undone
and all we had has unraveled
these songs we sung
when i layed in your arms
these songs i cried too when u walked away
these songs i cherished
these songs used to mean so much
and i felt your feelings when u hit those notes
as you replicate that melody
the sames songs that used to make all of me
turn around and made a mess of me
its a mockery
but still i continue to sing these songs
and still mean every word
and shed a tear at every verb
1 plus one don’t equal two
i would say we don’t belong together but that would be a lie
at least in my eyes
theres no such thing as a perfect two
i wish there was me and you
but these loves songs that were mentioned
all turned out to be dry lies
but i'm addicted
to false love songs and wet eyes
i'll continue to cry till you’re mine

The author's comments:
Love songs evoke memories you wish you could erase

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