Message in a Bottle

June 15, 2013
Dear Reader,

I apologize sincerely, but my message is not for males,
Instead for ladies, I hope I mislead no one down that trail.
Pardon my sudden boldness, but this is my hopeful plea
That we can slowly kiss beneath a shaded tree.

Maybe I'm getting lazy, eager to find but not to seek.
But after putting effort in, I feel I'm growing weak.
If only I could hold you, love you, even call you my own.
So far, at least, none yet have to me their presence shown.

After every try, something goes awry.
Doesn't feel right, or just the timing.
Is it slightly possible this cloud
Could have a silver lining?

All I ask of you is that you hear me out.
Heal the dryness of my heart, and rain upon my drought.

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