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Mothers Promise

June 6, 2013
By Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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Their was once a soldier
That was going to war
With tears in the mothers eyes
She said "Please return"
"I will mother" he replied
So off he went
With million of others
Years later a train sat in the
Train station
The mother watched the soldiers depart but her son
Never came into view
A soldier came and
Handed her, her sons uniform
She inhaled the uniform and Shakily sighed
Though he wasn't here in person
His scent lingered on the uniform
The mother didn't know
That a family took her son in
And mended him
As soon as he healed
He went off on a journey to
See his beloved mother
As he set foot into the house
A commotion lay
He frowned and ran to his mother
Who sat on her death bed
He clutched her hands and sobbed
She weakly opened her eyes
And looked at him
"My son are we in Heaven"
"Not yet but I've made my promise
Mother. I returned" he cried
The mother smiled and
Her body dimmed down

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