June 19, 2013
Locking up at night
I'd imagine your eyes
like a raccoons
peering out from the dark.
Then I'd slam the door
tightly shut,
lock it once,
twice, lights out.
But the windows
made me believe
that you watched me
so I shut the curtains.
Then whispers
ran to me through the vents
saying your name
so they shut, one by one.
Every creak
turned into you
sneaking around me
so I blocked out the noise.
slithered up my arm.
Your breath?
I swatted them away.
A car
starts into a rumble.
You're gone?
I can't bring myself to check.
Waiting for signs of you.
I peek and all I see is dark.
You've finally left me.
A chuckle.
"In here!" I think you say.
It isn't possible...
reached my heart.

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