I Bought A Book

June 6, 2013
I bought a book for you?(So expensive)?I laughed at what you?Would think if you knew,?You who hated to be wined?And dined, if you knew?That I had spent two taxi?Fares on a book on changing?Perceptions of masculinity.??I can’t finish it,?It’s just so intense; I mean?I started but I was assaulted?By Feminist historiography,?By John Stuart Mill dressed?As a cross-dressing lady.?I shut it as fast as I can.??It was actually a mistake,?The whole book-buying thing?We’re not even at a book-sharing?Phase of our proto-undefined state?Of still checking how many brothers?We both have.??I have one. You do too.?Our book sits sardined?On my shelf, jammed in?Between lovers?And the Godfather trilogy.?I think she’s happy.

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