June 6, 2013
This is an awful dance,
i take two steps foward
you take one back
over and over until were on a clif im afraid to move foward will you chose me
or will you continue this dance of madness
will you take that final step
and fall
i dont want to let you fall
but i cant stay where we are
and i cant move back theres a wall
our only choice is to move foward
but unless you move toward me and take my hand
so we can fly off this rock
so we can fly together forever
so we can fly
or will you take that final step
will you fall without me to help you fly
and if you do where does that leave me?
what do i do if you fall?
do i follow you?
do i let you fall?
do i try and catch you?
you need to come foward
but your not ready i can tell
but this rock
is now against my back
its pushing me closer
whats going to happen now
what will this rock do to us
will it be the rock in the end to kill us both?

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