the scarlet letter

June 7, 2013
By kashekas GOLD, Mashpee, Massachusetts
kashekas GOLD, Mashpee, Massachusetts
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Two sinners, once both at ease
live their lives in misery
due to what occurred
between scarlet sheets

A woman
who once held her head
as high as her hopes
now carries sorrow on her bosom
wherever she may travel, wherever she may go
with her burdens
sinking below her shoes
but she did not capitulate to her battle
from the ashes, she arose
she mended broken glass
and dusted off her clothes
her spirits lifted, at last
for she realized
she had much to lose
and in her child’s eyes
her faith grew
until in her palm she held the world
and in her arms she held a girl
and in her heart
she held a pearl

A man,
who’s heart n
ever felt a drop of scorn
who’s mind
was full of devotion
and a reputation
never torn
now holds his guilt
inside himself
pulsing through his veins
bleeding out of his chest
becoming a part
of his existence
in misery, it wrapped his soul
this is his punishment
this is his toll
it suffocated his mind
leaving him weak
until he could take no more
and in the streets
he pleaded mercy
to his heavenly father
and for his confession
he was gifted with relief

Two sinners, now both at ease
tasted sips of freedom
from wine with no residue of grief
a woman who found happiness hidden in the clouds
and a man who found happiness in the ground

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