Never "just a song"

June 14, 2013
That sound that rhymes,
but deals with crime.
It shows emotion
with different devotion.
It tells a lie
but also a cry.
It's the story of a life
that can make us all lie.
"No I didn't cry"
we all say that because we're shy
and don't want the guys to say bye.

But after all it's "just a song"?
Doesn't mean a thing?
I don't believe it because it's all just a lie.
And when you wake up from it, we realize what we've done
and what we're here for.
It's never "just a song"
it's part of our soul.

Maybe is not the end,
but just the beggining.
So keep calm till it ends,
because after all it's all part of your song.

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