Drenched in Rainbows

June 14, 2013
When I leave this world, I will leave behind
An iron feather, a remnant of my will,
A glorious redemption from the evil I’ve encountered
When I was birthed into this damned paradise.
I watched the sky glow red with vicious indignation
And I stood as the magmas of hell began to spill over
And consume my muse and my second soul.
Many have sinned and stolen countless stars
From the skies of my own eyes.
Eclipses and supernovas, the death of flourishing planets,
Illogical lunar phases and solar eradication.

Thus I rendered the powers of shooting stars useless
And dimmed the light of the moon
So that I could be the sole purpose of admiration
For once.
A cosmic warrior that walked alone,
Collapsing the bifrost bridge of myths and legends,
Becoming the sole religion under the ruby-tainted canvas
Playing a dual role of deathbringer and ressurector,
I unknowingly destroyed what I stood for.

Forgive me for becoming a mere remnant
Of what you once saw.
I foolishly let the masterpiece collapse
And now humans rest their heads and gaze up to
Empty skies
And wishes are nothing more than undefined words
And the glory of life became sparks caught in rain
As I vanish for good
And shed my iron wings
My memory is nothing but drenched in rainbows

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