Time Travel

June 13, 2013
If we could time travel,
we would feel amazing,
like we had the greatest power
in the world.

We could go to the past
and change our mistakes,
and possibly make our lives

We could go to the future
and take a sneak peek
at our upcoming life

If we didn't like something,
or we liked it so much,
we could go back and change
or relive it.

If we dread something,
or just want to get it over,
we could go ahead
and skip it.

But what if time travel
wasn't so great?
What if it left a wrinkle
in time?

What if we changed something
that negatively affected our future, or skipped past
something incredible?

What if we affected
everyone's lives,
just by stepping
on an ant?

What if we just wanted
to keep our futures a surprise
and wanted to live
every moment as it came?

Maybe time travel
isn't so great.
Maybe it's best to just
live in the present.

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