Ribbons of Champagne

June 12, 2013
By MissAdele PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
MissAdele PLATINUM, Tacoma, Washington
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I died in the arms of the morning
So gray, so bleak, so cool
You sat across from me on a stool
Sifting thoughts and
Killing the time
That you'd never had
But now you do
I know it's true
I can see, that
All I can do is bleed
The drops run down my throat
Like confused Champagne
Like a moat
Of cold, killer wine,
Of consentrated pain
Throw my love into a bottle
Cork it until tomorrow
Fold it all up,
Pack my life into a cup
I'll suffocate,
But it's too late,
You walk away
From my heavy, empty form
Walk away
From my Champagne flooded dorm
Laugh like nothing happened
Because it didn't
But in my sick demented head
I'm living in seven flashing seconds,
Because I know, I'm already dead.

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