Lovely Awkward Silence

June 12, 2013
Light in the darkness, I

Opened my eyes to this, you were

Valiant and courageous,

Even when I couldn't dance, you

Laughed it off, just shook your head and

You laughed it off

And you struck a sweet melodic chord

With me,

Knowing that, it was something I could not afford

Wanted more, I wanted more

Amazed and shaken you left me

Rolling, confused, and cursing see? I

Didn't fight but dared to breathe, in the

Silence, so necessary

I'm sorry that you left so early,

Little did I want you to, I know that it was silly of me,

Even when it was roughly smooth

Now I'm melting

Consumed, unhealthy, because I wanted you so badly,

Emersed in you, I can't forget, you're the record that's in my head

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