Honestly, I Miss You

June 11, 2013
I could say that I’m fine
I could also say that I can deal
But honestly, I can only feel
To know that it’s real
The times when I was a little younger
And the world seemed safer
And your smile light the sky
Like the fourth of July
So I could walk around with that same smile
I could walk around
Honestly, knowing all while
That when I shut the door
That will be no more
I could act the way I don’t think
I could always act the way I don’t seem
But I can barely pretend, in all honestly
When appears the lane
Where my memories came
And relive the moment
When the stars remained
And you and I
Had the time our lives
I could never be who I was
Never will you be loved
Twas the day that you were gone
It truly wasn’t unfair
That I can no longer compare
No more be your friend
No longer smell you in the air
It is always so biased
That you couldn’t breath
Always so hurtful that you wasn’t with me
It’s so fanatical
That I cherished you so
And you couldn’t say anything
Nor to continue to grow
Now with all my recollections
Of you
In my soul
It’s unjust
That this is a must
And the tears roll down my face
God my disgrace
Because honestly, I miss you

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