June 11, 2013
I cry
Because I can
Because when I cry
I feel it
I see it
I know it's real
People think it's a sign of weakness
I think it's a sign of life
and living
I've cried in front of people
It mostly scares them
Not the way a horror movie scares you
But scary like hearing your parents fight across the hall
scary in a way you can't control
You can turn off a horror movie
But you can't turn off a fight
You can't turn off other people
Sometimes you cry because you want people to see you
This is an unhonest type of crying
though i sometimes do it
There's the type of crying that is happy
This can be confusing
There is the crying you see, like when you mom stops the car and starts crying
This type of crying is the worst
Because this type of crying is the kind that you've inflicted
You created you mother's tears
and that is scary

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