June 8, 2013
By JoPop13 GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
JoPop13 GOLD, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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It’s hard to escape
From time’s cruel hands
When caught up in your light
But after just a blink of the eye
The whirlwind of pink had passed
Cut off by the ticking clock
Quelled by the widening gap
A never-ending chasm
Where I stood on the other side
Beneath the scorching sun
Watched as your figure faded
I grasped for the memories
So fickle, they fell away
Only slivers of silk
Whispers of what never began
And when spring comes again
You’ll ride away on that shooting star
While I fall back into a shadow
Watching with the rain
And disappear among the mist
An ephemeral raindrop on the pavement

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