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June 12, 2013
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I hear them laughing behind my back,
They'll be laughing 'bout me and Jack
A rumor is a rumor and there is nothing you can do,
To make it go away, or to turn it to the truth
You cannot change ten million and one different minds
but tell the people that matter and t will all be fine.

You cannot buy friendship, love or laughter
and there will not always be that happy ever after
You will find out what's right and you will find out what's wrong
And I promise you will feel confident with where you belong

So stick it out now, because it's alright in the end,
if it isn't okay now then it isn't the end
So hold up a light, show me where to go
I'll be there before you can say 'you're just too slow'

There will always be people that are worse off than you
Lost an arm and a leg; whereas you've lost a shoe
if you look out, and there's not a star in the sky,
You know you're not alone as they too are shy

Try to be strong in everything that you do,
because if you're not careful a lie may become the truth
Stand up for yourself, make your voice be heard
Keep your innocence; keep your future blurred.

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