She's Broke, But He's Just Fine

June 7, 2013
She’s broken,
But he’s just fine.

She cries herself to sleep at night,
But he doesn’t pay enough attention to her to notice this.

She sees the scars and remembers the pain,
But he sees the scars and backs a way, a little more every time.

She deals with so much stress, and doesn’t know what to do
But he doesn’t seem to care, and doesn’t want to listen to her.

She bleeds again, this time is worse than the last,
But he doesn’t know.

She can’t take it anymore; the unbearable pain is too much for her,
But he can’t see it, because he still doesn’t care.

She is done with life she says,
But he doesn’t listen, he laughs and says she’s bluffing.

Now she is just fine, her pain is gone,
But now he is broken. He decided to listen and start caring when it was too late.

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