June 7, 2013

The ability to press
The skip button on the remote
Of assumptions, and fast forward
Through the important commercials
Of truth; the will power to run the
Red light of accuracy; time after time
With your car of confirmation to your
Mental certainty. You assume to
Avoid the truth, because when you swallow
Truth, your broken heart gets nauseous and
Your eyes spit it up.
The audacity to be oblivious, intentionally,
Because holding the truth would
Require you putting forth your
Strength. But your humanity is lazy,
And your knowledge is scared.
It’s the drug that allows you
To slip from the hands of
Reality, and run as fast and as
Far as your ignorance will take you.
We all have a way of orchestrating our
Perceptions, but you’re no musical genius.
You have more rests of assumptions
Than you do notes of truth.
Assumptions to you are the
Molecules of air that you manage
To find in a box with no holes. But wait.
How can there be air in a box with no holes?
There aren’t.
Assumptions are an illusion created
To confirm your hypothesis in your mind.
A hypothesis based on the facts that you only
Outlined, because coloring in the full picture would
Break your pencil. But those pictures won’t fade, and
They can still be colored in when you stop slaving
To fear and shots in the dark.
The proof that fear can kidnap you.

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