Pitch Black Hopes

June 10, 2013
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You wander around a pitch-black room
When all of a sudden
Someone grabs you from the back
And swings you around for a little Merengue.
Your head is spinning.
And if I looked close enough,
I would be able to see your deathly pale face in the dark.

The dance ends abruptly
As the stranger pulls away.
And just as you thought
You smelt the last breath of death
And a light sorrow of decay,
A familiar voice whispers in your ear,
“I got you, love.”

You managed a slight smile
As the music slowed to a waltz-
The most elegant
And romantic dance in the World.

Your lover lays you down on a bed
As if you were of a most delicate frame,
And lays down next to you.
She slips the sheets over
And intertwines her fingers with yours.
With that you are reassured
And you fall into a slumber,
Taking in occasional whiffs of her scent.
Hoping you would never lose or forget
Such a wonderful thing as She.

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