Dancing with the Wind

June 5, 2013
When emptiness fills every crevice of my body, and I am stuck in my mind, replaying all the wrongs and "should have saids" that make up this world, I close my eyes and escape to a place where fear and regret do not exist. The street lamps smile down on me, and I dance with the wind. We twirl under the interminable black sky, marveling at the pictures the stars have created. I have entered the joy of night, where time stands still and every feeling of desolation has melted away. I step into a soothing bath of puddles, as I hear around me the happy tears of angels on every rooftop. The crystals dance down and create music as they put a glossy coat on everything in their path. The moon illuminates each surface, making every corner of this world gleam and shine. For a fleeting moment, I wander between jigs in the night, and I am full.

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