Black roses

June 4, 2013
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I could never mourn you
I should cry later, just not today
Maybe tomorrow, I will feel the sorrow
You leave me here with black roses and memories
I laughed at your funeral
I remembered all the things, you used to say
This is the only eulogy you'll ever get from me

If you were alive today
I might not even find the right words to say
So now your gone forever
You were so far away in life, but now I'm standing over you
Before they close your casket
I place black roses where your heart should be

While I think of now and then
I have realized, they really the same
I feel so ashamed, there was never a place for me
Before now, it was something I could never see
I'm standing in the crowd, but I'm drifting out to sea

I was just a stupid kid
Always on the outside, looking in
I wanted your heart and for there to be a 'you and me'
But now I realize, it was nothing more than just a dream
I want to hold you now, ever so desperately
But all I have left of you, are black roses and memories

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