A lovely death

June 4, 2013
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He woke up with a thousand tears,
A hurt he can’t describe.
He tried to fight away the fears,
A gun found hid inside.

He grabbed a bullet, just needed one,
And loaded it into the gun.
He thought for almost way to long,
So he put on his favorite song,

He started thinking about the past,
Pain, the tears then fell.
He thought then maybe they would see,
If he sent himself to hell.

But then he realized they wont care,
He cocked the gun with great despair,
He knew he’d have to do this right,
He couldn't miss his target tonight,

He dialed up a girl he knew,
To see just one last time.
He thought that love and angels flew,
She didn't give a dime.

He tried to contact friends to talk,
But as he called; his phone they’d block,
He threw his phone onto the floor,
No one gave a $hit anymore,

He put the barrel in his mouth with fear,
It pointed at his brain.
His last thought was, “What if they hear,”
It ridden him his pain.
The gun fell to the floor with a letter near,
A lifeless body, no longer insane.

“This is too who gives a $hit,
I hope that I, you’ll soon forget,
I cannot fight this love discrete,
So bury me, the dirt, six feet,
Mom and Tom and Joe and Sue,
I hope you know I love you too,
I cannot take this pain I feel,
It seems just too unreal.
I’m sorry I wasn't there when you needed,
Don’t think that I’m mistreated,
Don’t think that I did this for attention,
Attention I wont get,
I’m gone for good and good I’m gone,
I hope that I, you’ll soon forget.”

That note shocked us of love and all,
On that day we got that call,
He didn't do it for the pity,
He knew he’d be gone and for that he’s witty,
He didn't do it for no care,
He did it because no one was there,
He lost the love and all he had,
A lovely death that went so bad.

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LoveLostNeverFound said...
Jun. 11, 2013 at 9:03 am
Suicide is NEVER the answer to any problem.. i lost my bestfriend, brother, father and Uncle all to suicide and it tore my family apart... No one knows how much you appreciate someone until they'gone. I understand that things may be hard but suicide should never be an option.
The_Doctor replied...
Jun. 11, 2013 at 7:19 pm
Ah, I understand your side of things. But, in some cases, it is an option and answer.
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