I knew the day would end

June 3, 2013
I knew the day would end
That I'd have to go
But it seemed like maybe if
I didn't think about it
That the day would go on forever
And I'd get to stay with you
A little while longer
But the minutes kept passing
Even though I was counting the seconds
To make them seem longer
But I still ended up in the same
The same building that has seen so
Many of my goodbyes
And I still sat in the same blue chair
And I still stared out those same big windows
looking at the flat, bleak, red rock covering
What seemed like the whole world
And I still felt that same dull ache
of loneliness
And I still held the tears inside despite
their desperate stinging to escape
And I still walked out the same metal door
Looking so severe like it was trying to keep out
even the air
And I still walked between the same orange cones
telling me it was time to go home
And I still walked up the same
To the plane that would take me away
I still had to leave
Like I know I'll do again
And no matter how hard I try
That day will always come
To an end

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