Our Team That Won

June 3, 2013
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When we thought we never could,
You pushed us like a great coach should.
We were never the easiest team to handle,
But for you our craziness never seemed to matter.
You stayed with us through thick and through thin,
And just for that, our team did win.

We complained, and we refused,
We used every imaginable excuse.
There was pain and there were tears,
And there was no hesitation to push us into gear.
No-one else could have ever done what you did,
And just for that, our team did win.

Because of you we are proud of who we are,
And because of you, no goal to reach for was ever too far.
You showed us how to be a team,
You taught us to follow our dreams.
Though not in the pool, you were with us for every swim,
And just for that, our team did win.

You showed us the meaning of true dedication,
Even if it later meant pain medication.
You pushed us to be the best we can be,
You knew better than us, our own abilities.
We could always have fun and we could always grin,
And just for that, our team did win.

You helped us with everything, and asked for nothing in return,
You volunteered your time, just to help us learn.
We take you for granted; we know that we do,
The best coach in the world couldn’t compare to you.
And though we weren’t first when the competition was done,
Having you by our side, this is our team that won.

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