Cackles and Whispers

June 3, 2013
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A dove and a doe sit quietly in a forest
they whisper silly things
and quietly the trees listen
and the blue jays all squawk

quietly a boy tell a secret
and without a sound
or a any sort of warning
a girl screams to the world

quietly I write alone
sitting still with only paper and pen
and a laptop
and a speaker system

no lights in the room
except for the quiet hum of the hallway
and my sister’s closet
which silently tell me all their secrets

Then I squawk to the world
like a lion to prey
like girl
like a man
like a politician
like a movie
and a book
and a play
and an idea

my father would quietly whisper to me
by the cackle of the fireplace
“stay quiet son,”
“and know when to squawk”

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