Nature's Thirst for Power

June 2, 2013
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Sunshine behind clouds
becomes lightning through rain.
I watch the electricity brand your eyes.
Water drops slide down the black pupils
before swirling with the lagoon irises.

The sky gets darker, more intense.
The liquid crystals turn to golf balls.

Your caramel waves get tangled around your wrists.
And your lip twitches
when the hair locks your arms in place,
like natural shackles
in an oxygen-filled prison.

The sky starts rotating
until its all one blur.

I watch the cloud from a distance.
I can see your form
As you try to escape.
But soon the sun disappears behind the wood fragments
that decorate my vision.

The stars are not bright enough
to see you anymore.
I close my eyes
and hope for the return of the sun
so the fire that sears the clouds
can kiss your spirit goodbye.

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