The Party

June 2, 2013
The Proles
The Outer Party
The Inner Party
Forced into a pyramid
Forced to think the right way
Forced to believe whatever you’re told
Controlling all written historical documents
Controlling human behavior and human instinct
Controlling human nature, human activities, and life
Society forced into conformity without realizing any thing
Society at constant war, never knowing who the real enemy is
Society crumbling around everyone’s ears but no one seems to care
Death waiting around the corner for committing a thoughtcrime
Death waiting for all of the hiding Brotherhood members
Death by vaporization for all who oppose The Party
No one cares for one another, emotionless
All they care about is themselves
Only love is for Big Brother
The Party doesn’t care
Power is all they want
The Party wants power
The Party wants more power
All the Party wants is power

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