The Anatomical Conflict

June 2, 2013
Half of all have it, half of all want it
It's an ongoing conundrum, there's no getting by it
Some keep it low key, some choose to flaunt it
Some are vocal about it, some keep it quiet

From my half of the world, it's a bit more of a struggle
A young man in this day who's attracted to girls
Some carved by angels, they'll melt your belt buckle
Others? Well, upon first sight you may want to hurl.

I've been informed (maybe falsely) that girls have it tougher
But I've seen and felt what they have over boys
Yeah, sure, so what, our gender is rougher,
But a fine lady can turn a beast right into a toy

So girls, strut your stuff, but keep open eyes
the power is yours, but you need to be wise
Use whats between your ears, not between your thighs
Okay? That's all.
Sincerely The Guys

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