Pray, Prey

May 31, 2013
Green eyes wide with a needle inside,
They lock onto my crippled wing,
Your tail flickers, deliciously,
Sway back and forth to progress your stride,
I chirp my ounce of strength that remains, I surrender,
With a push your off,
Seconds in, your into my skin,
Your claws dig deep, I choke and tweet,
You knew from the way I looked to frail,
I was your meal, I couldn't escape,
A beautiful tender target am I,
My body cries for release,
The small thump in my breast beats slow, and slower yet,
Your eyes look tastefully at my fresh, pure blood.

Those blood thirsty eyes I fear and love,
Each day you knock me down again,
Each day... your the cat.
Each day, I'm the bird.

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