The Onomatopoeia

May 31, 2013
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It’s the Ratter tan-tan of a beaten can
The roaring engine of the van
The empty silence of a cog-less clock
The scratched vial playing Bach
It’s the gentle patter rain on a roof
The iron plate under horse’s hoof

It’s the pounding drum
The whoosh of a falling plum
The sound of the dark
It’s the bark and the grown,
And the child who moans

It’s the death rattle of broken bones
The ticking of clockwork clones
The tears washed in the rain
The sound you will never hear again

It’s the onomatopoeia
The lonely prayer
The song of the air
The Roar of a bear

It’s the cat in fable
The couplets and toppling Tower of Babel
It’s the final word.

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