Anniverary <3

May 28, 2013
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On our anniversary I would just like to say
How you changed my life from the very first day
When your smile met my stare and my blushing face met your look,
I have loved you more for every day and every step we took.

For every breath you take and every heart beat
Johnathon you have honestly made my life complete.
You are my world, my galaxy, my happily ever after.
You have brought me so much happiness, smiles, love, and laughter.

You are the only one I need.
So as you read this poem, as you read my plead
Will you be my always? I will be your forever.
I have cherished every second we have been together.

Our love is like a mountain, going through the atmosphere.
Our love is like an ocean, broad, true, and clear.
Our love is like a valley, large and deep.
So as always, into your arms I leap.

Because an inch a way is simply way too far.
You are my future, my wish upon a star.
You are all my dreams come true, I think you ought to know.
That I love you so much Johnathon, my love for you always grows.

It’s not just kissing, hugging, cuddling side by side.
It’s the feeling that grows deep inside of us and warms our hearts with pride.
It’s how we feel when we’re together, how we’re lonely when we are apart.
It’s the love and the compassion that increases in our hearts.

You have made my world amazing, you are my dream.
You have brightened up my life, changed its entire scheme.
So on this very special day, our anniversary,
I would like to let you know how much you mean to me.

I really do love you Johnathon, with all of my heart.
I love you for who you are, I have loved you from the start.
As I look you in the eyes, there is something I have to say...
If I am your forever, will you be my always?

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