Love With Fool Of Satisfaction

May 28, 2013
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Wanna feel the tension
Than get satisfaction
With your love, only with your love
When i look in your blue eyes
My world turns into a sky
Blue sky, captures me
Than I feel like a bird waiting for freedom
Freedom to fly in your sky
Freedom for love
But I am captured in this cage
Even it is made by gold what difference does it make If i won't resist your love?
Than sky will turn darker and darker with every glance of you
Just like my mind
It is dark and messy 
Messy because you complicated it
Dark because you made me think bad
Because I knew you wouldn't love me ever.
You used to brighten my life but now you are just making it darker.
No light without love. 
Love is the lighter
I wish you were the one to hold this lighter to me
Tention surrenders the air
Can't even breath
If there is no love full of satisfaction 
Than I'll die, die in your arms
Because all I want is your blue eyes to be last thing that I see before the death.

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