June 4, 2013
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Speak a language that I understand
Tell me all about your dreams
Tell me all your plans
Tell me every way you wish to take a stand

Tell me what I understand.

Speak a language that I want to hear
Let me in on all your deepest darkest fears
Let me remove all your heaviest tears
Let me in on all your greatest years
Tell me what I want to hear.

Speak a language of controversy
Tell me all your arguments of clergy
Tell me all about Hypocrisy
Tell me this country doesn't even have a democracy
Tell me, what is controversy?

Speak the language of love
Tell me all about romance and doves
Tell me about your heart of love
Tell me it fits mine just like a glove

Tell me what I love.

Speak a language that the provincial cannot hear
Tell them all about same sex marriage
Tell them all about conspiracy
Tell them reality, speak louder than their ears can bear.

Tell them what they cannot hear.

Speak the dialect.

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