June 4, 2013
By Sarah_Faulkner SILVER, Romney, Indiana
Sarah_Faulkner SILVER, Romney, Indiana
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Whatever you’re felling
it doesn’t matter.
Just control yourself
and you won’t shatter.

Don’t you ever break.
Don’t you ever crack.
Don’t you even think
of looking back.

Great grandmother’s china,
Mom’s favorite teacup,
Don’t even consider
messing up.

You’re a runway model
flaunting a gown.
Don’t let me catch you
show a break down.

Confident smile,
Blink into the spotlight,

Eyes are watching.
You must lead them out.
Don’t you ever start
to voice a doubt.

Plaster on a smile.
They’re expecting a charmer.
They don’t need
to see the chink in the armor.

You’re a china doll.
Perfect porcelain.
Don’t ever let me find you
in sin.

Straighten your hair
face yourself in the mirrors.
I don’t have time
to deal with your tears.

Whatever you’re feeling
it doesn’t matter.
Just hold it together
and you won’t shatter.

The author's comments:
This piece was written to express the way the world doesn't want us to 'be ourselves,' it wants us to be the best, happiest, most put together version of ourselves. This is in the free verse section because while it is lyrical poetry, it is not song lyrics.

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