Curtain Call

May 30, 2013
By Jennifer Raymond BRONZE, Auburn, New York
Jennifer Raymond BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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The first time I laid eyes on you,

I wouldn’t necessarily say sparks flew.

My dear you were so intriguing,

you were such a beautiful being.

I remember homecoming, I couldn’t be late.

Little did anyone know Morgan was supposed to be my date.

Things happen and stuff can change,

life is a book just turn the page.

I saw you standing there,

you were so beautiful, facing you was just a dare.

I found out your secret.

I knew I could have a chance, only if I could keep it.l

You are full of secrets aren’t you?

Quite more than just a few.

But you are and actress,

And thats what Actresses do!

They put on makeup to cover their lies,

You said goodbye more than once despite my cries.

When you’re near me I’m full of rage,

This love was just a script to you so I’m burning the page.

You broke my heart and got your fame,

Sweetheart I don’t think we could ever be the same.

To you this love was just an act a chance,

To test your profession, you picked me with just a glance.

And so my heart became a prop and my love the stage,

You walked all over it, this relationship a script and you turning the page.

At one point I thought it wasn’t acting, I thought it was true.

My bad for believing, the award goes to you.

The curtain is closing, you better run,

I’d ask you to stay, to break my heart more would be such fun.

But there is another curtain calling,

So go and act it’s what you do best, I might catch you when you are falling

But as a caution wear a bulletproof vest,

Baby I’m not like the rest.

With a smile I will applaud,

But I know dear, who you are, I must say I am appalled.

Who knew such a beauty could be such a beast,
The gig is up, now admit your defeat.

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