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May 29, 2013
Do you remember when our kingdom stretched for miles
When our palace held our dreams and we drank them in
From the palms of sweet hands
Do you remember when the night was always lit
And in the sky if we reached
If we really stretched
We found the stars
We’d take them down and lay them
One by one
Across the cool, green grass
The stepping stones of eternity
And arranged into memories we’d throw them back
We fishermen of the dawn, releasing our catch of light
Do you remember when we were so small
That our toes became anchors ensnared in the sand
While our fingers painted pictures across canvas ready clouds
And do you remember when we looked down upon our kingdom
When our oceans became ponds
And our anchors let go their chains
Do you remember when our nights grew black
And though we reached we never could catch our light
And do you remember when we looked upon our kingdom, our kingdom that stretched for miles
And all we saw was this garden
And our palace in that tree

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